my counsellor asked if i'd ever thought about training to be a counsellor and i told her i've sworn off any job that requires another degree and she went 'i meant that as a compliment'

the weight of the world is getting to me, lads

there is a girl who eats lunch at about the same time as me everyday and i accidentally made eye contact with her today so she came and sat with me and just...i eat lunch alone on purpose


@lois this might be an exaggeration but I think 80% of my life’s problems would be solved by a massive fart

body overshare 

@lois can’t brag on twitter cause she’s there

I ran a queer academic event and someone came up to me after to say they follow me on twitter and ALSO they’ve done a whole heritage project partly inspired by a conference paper I gave like 4 years ago??????????????

@lois there’s probably a reason their work matters but they don’t fucking know what is

@lois has anyone ever met a classicist who can explain why their work matters to anyone who isn’t also a classist our survey says no

@lois I forgot about this account until now, when I have been forced to sit through a classics lecture and I cannot tweet about it because actual academics follow me by FUCK classics

Abolish the classics department and re-distribute their wealth

my therapist and I both got very emotional at my last session and I think we both left afterwards to have a little cry

today is my last session with my therapist I am going to miss him so much!!!!

i think we're overdue for a breakdown, lads!

oh no the ceo of the football museum has followed me on Twitter

yesterday ben said the sentence “no im the dummy thicc one in this relationship” and i am still v mad about it

i scheduled my day around being able to have a driving lesson and the instructor wrote down the wrong week!!!! im so mad!!!!!!

v into all my fb friends who post all of their thoughts about game of thrones bc it’s a v good barometer about whose opinions I should never trust

out with a bunch of gay male friends, discussing how much we would like gwendoline christie to dominate us

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