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hey can anybody rec a good fun instance to migrate to???????? ty

should probably go to work but unfortunately i will not be leaving the bed at this time

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this app is for logging on and seeing queer people be nice to each other

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Outside a dirty botanical garden you write a letter to Kyler Elisha Dourado, a bisexual icewitch.

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In the blazing evening you listen to music with Dick Fowlar, a genderfluid aquafae.

put this pervert in jail he made link wear a girl clothe

dressing link up in cute outfits makes me feel nice

fucked up that the new pokemon takes place in fantasy england, considering how many years it took me to get 4000 miles away from actual england

im going out to the grocery store does anybody need anything

dang i found the leak, what am i gonna do with all this saturday

the best revenge is living well but the second best revenge is revenge and you can do both

ok enough cryptic bullshit, time to pour some coffee, put on frank ocean, take a shower and slip into booty shorts

im streaming two hundred and fifty gigabytes of atmospheric muon neutrino spacepoint graphs from chicago to cincinnati, hbu

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digital witch district