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the best revenge is living well but the second best revenge is revenge and you can do both

all i want for christmas 2020 is a fourth christmas prince written and directed by guillermo del toro

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my top songs playlist goes from two slow dancers by mitski into bloodstains by 100 gecs and WOW there's a transition that shouldnt work but EXTREMELY DOES

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Five months after the reckoning you get the answers you were looking for from Landon Derrick Moscato, a spontaneous sandwitch.

my hair looks bad rn but i want it to be longer and the only way to make it not look bad in the short term is to cut it so fuck me i guess

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good morning to the a g cook remix of money machine only

hooking compiler-level linear algebra routines into my code + wondering what human wrote them

all i want is a modest monthly stipend so i can just spend the rest of my life generating people

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